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About US

Hifadhi Africa Organization (HAO) is a youth-led non-governmental, not-for-profit organization promoting social empowerment, resilience and sustained prosperity through adoption of community-centered approaches.


To adopt community-centered approach towards empowerment, transformation, resilience and support for underprivileged communities and slum dwellers for sustainable development.



To afford equal opportunities to societies for prosperity


  • Engage local people in life-improving, sustainable activities in the areas of our operations.
  •  To promote cultural practices that are of benefit to the local people especially the one that encourages co-existence, equality, fairness, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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Testimonial stories

Grace Cheptarus

This is Grace Cheptarus. Today she is airing her maize out to dry under the scorching sun. Grace vividly remembers the number of times she has slept hungry. “My children and I have slept hungry countless times. This is like a miracle to me”.